CEP Career Expansion Patch v2.0 FIFA 06

Updated Leagues

* French Ligue 1
* French Ligue 2
* English Premiership
* English Championship
* English League One
* English League Two
* Scotland Premier League
* Netherlands Eredivisie
* Netherlands Jupiler League
* Spanish Primera Division
* Spanish Segunda Division
* Italian Serie A
* Italian Serie B
* Italian Serie C1A and C1B
* Swedish Allsvenskan
* German Bundesliga 1
* German Bundesliga 2
* Denmark Superligaen
* Argentina Primera Division
* Belgium Jupiler League
* Austria Bundesliga
* Mexican Primera Division
* Mexican Primera A
* Norway Tippeligaen
* Portugal Bet and Win League
* Australia A-League

New Leagues

* Albania Championship (1st div)
* Argentina Primera Dision (1st div)
* Argentina Segunda Div (2nd div)
* Austria A-League (1st div)
* Bolivia Liga (1st div)
* Brazil Carioca (regional league)
* Brazil Gaucho (regional league)
* Bulgary Grup A (1st div)
* Chile Primera Division (1st div)
* Colombia Copa Mustang (1st div)
* Croatia HNL Ozujsko (1st div)
* Czech Gambrinus League (1st div)
* Ecuador Serie A (1st div)
* Finland Veikkausliiga (1st div)
* Germany Oberliga best of (4th div)
* Germany Regionalliga Nord (3rd div)
* Germany Regionalliga Sud (3rd div)
* Greece A Ethniki (1st div)
* Hungary Borsodi Liga (1st div)
* Hungary NB II Kelet (2nd div)
* Hungary NB II Nyugat (2nd div)
* Iceland Premier League (1st div)
* Ireland Eircom Premier League (1st div)
* Israel Ligat Al (1st div)
* Italy Serie C1A and C1B (3rd div)
* Japan J-League (1st div)
* Lithuania A Lyga (1st div)
* Mexico Primera (2nd div)
* Netherlands Jupiler League (2nd div)
* Paraguay Division Profesional (1st div)
* Peru Primera Division (1st div)
* Portugal Liga de Honra (2nd div)
* Romania Divizia A (1st div)
* Russia Premier League (1st div)
* Scotland Bell’s league (2nd div)
* Serbia Prva Liga (1st div)
* Slovakia SuperLiga (1st div)
* Slovenia Si Mobil Liga (1st div)
* Sweden Superettan (2nd)
* Switzerland Challenge league (2nd div)
* Turkey Turkcell Süper Lig (1st div)
* Ukraine Premier League (1st div)
* Uruguay Primera Division (1st div)
* Venezuela Primera Division (1st div)

New Tournaments

* African Cup of Nations qualifications and final stage
* Asian Cup of Nations qualifications and final stage
* Copa America
* Copa Libertadores
* Copa Sudamericana
* Euro 2008 qualifications and final stage
* Full Champions League
* Full UEFA Cup
* Germany 2006 World cup
* Gold CUP
* Rest of Europe teams
* Scandinavian Royal League
* World Club Championship

The number of new teams and features is too large to be listed but among all the new Features you will find in this version:

* Brand new realistical sponsorship system
* Realistical economical settings for career
* New development codes for players during years
* New variable potential for players in career mode
* New revolutionary gameplay balanced for different levels of skill
* New region division based on football federations
* New original and exclusive logos by Didicito
* Thousands of new minikits by Jose Delgado and Agus
* More the one hundreds new adboards
* Hundreds of new flags by Vlada (almost each team has its own now)

http://files.filefront.com/OckCEP_200zip/;5493349;;/fileinfo.html  437 MB

CEP06 2.12 Update – Install!

http://files.filefront.com/CEP_211_finalupdexe/;6097012;;/fileinfo.html 19.MB

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